Need the services of an experienced Finance Director?

Need the services of an experienced Finance Director?

How can I help?

Interim Finance Director


For whatever reason you are "in between" Finance Directors,  I can help keep things ticking over while you find a permanent solution.

Acquisitions or disposals


Acquisitions or disposals can put immense pressure on your existing finance teams as the due diligence and preparatory work often has to be carried out whilst still trying to complete the day job.  I know because I've been there!  Let me ease that pressure by assisting with this or any other one off project.

Health checks & controls reviews


Make use of my 25+ years of experience as a Finance Director in the Motor Trade.  With a limited investment from you in time and fees, I can carry out a review of your finance and controls environment and provide a "health check" so you can focus on the key areas.

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Part time Finance Director


You may have a capable finance team but want some assistance at board/strategic level but can't justify the cost of a full time Finance Director.  Whether its mentoring your senior accountant, attending board meetings or analysing and preparing senior management reports,  I can help give you that financial expertise on a part time or temporary basis.



About Me

I am an experienced Finance Director with over 25 years working within the Motor Trade.  I trained with Grant Thornton in the London office specialising in Motor Retail, Retail and listed clients.  I joined Beadles Group as Finance Director in 2000 where we grew the business from 4 sites to 14.  The Group's turnover grew to around £300 million and the Group employed 575 staff.  Ranked in the top 60 in the industry leagues, Beadles was consistently in the top 10 for net profit percentage and return on capital employed as well as performing well and often winning awards in manufacturer league tables.  In 2017, the Group was sold to a US based Fortune 500 Motor Retail Group, Group 1 Automotive. I led and managed the sales process on behalf of the Board working closely with the finance and legal advisers to complete the sale within the agreed timetable and at a sales price that exceeded the Board’s expectations.  I left Beadles in late 2017 and since then have been working as a Finance Director consultant to the Motor Trade.

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